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Here are resources that we have found helpful as we navigate these days of COVID-19. Another source of many ethical and spiritual resources on COVID-19 and pandemics can be found at the Catholic Health Association of the United States website at

CHI-CHAO: Ethical Decision Making Framework

CHAC Ethicists: Visitor Restrictions and Limitations during COVID-19

CHAC Ethicists: Duty to Provide Care

CHAC Ethicists: Ethical Considerations in the Care and Treatment of Seniors in Long Term Care

Nurses Association of New Brunswick COVID-19 Resources

Horizon Health Network COVID-19 Resources

CHAO: COVID-19 Review

CHA-USA: A Matrix for Ethical Decision Making in a Pandemic

HCR: Responding to COVID-19 as a Regional Public Health Challenge

Covenant Health: A prayer service for peace

Providence Health: Moral Distress at the time of COVID-19

Providence Health: Video: Ethics in the COVID-19 pandemic

HPCO: COVID-19 Decision Making Tools

Canada: COVID-19 factsheet Self Isolation Quarantine

Canada: COVID-19 factsheet People at High Risk

Canada: COVID-19 factsheet Exemption

Canada: Covid-19 factsheet Handwashing

Canada: COVID-19 factsheet Care for Child at Home

Canada: COVID-19 factsheet Physical Distancing

Canada: COVID-19 factsheet Pregnancy Advise to Mothers

Canada: COVID-19 factsheet Taking Care of Mental Health

Canada: Covid-19 factsheet Vulnerable Populations

NCR: Triage and ventilator rationing not the only ethical issues in pandemic

NEJM: Fair Allocation of Scarce Medical Resources

NCR – Spirituality for a time of scarcity

CHA: Code Status and COVID-19 Patients

CCBI: Decision making in light of COVID-19

Ontario Health: Clinical Triage Protocol for Major Surge in COVID Pandemic

WHO: Handwashing & Coronavirus Posters

WHO: Covid 19 Masks

WHO: Rational Use of Personal Protective Equipment

WHO: Rights Roles & Responsibilities-Healthcare Workers-Cov19

Hastings Center Report: Ethical Framework for Health Care Institutions and Guidelines for Institutional Ethics Services Responding to the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic

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